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Every Sunday night 6-8… ALWAYS FREE

6/2 – Clark Bags
Clark Bags is the solo work of Cooper Trail (Desolation Horse). The unreleased self-titled album (out 2024) started as a collection of iPhone voice memos and song ideas—and basically stayed that way, with some light additions in a close friend’s living room studio. The songs are eclectic, but for listeners of Desolation Horse, they will feel familiar. This tour will be the first time these songs have been played live/solo.
6/9 – Weezy Ford
Weezy Ford is a musician and songwriter who lives in the Columbia River Gorge. Her first musical endeavors incorporated slide guitar, vintage feels, garage-rock fuzz, and tap dancing on her EP Bobbypin Graveyard. She got tired of carrying around a box to dance on, and began writing songs on a tiny synthesizer that would eventually become her first full-length record titled Sugarcane in 2019. She collaborates with her partner, Mark Robertson (multi-instrumentalist, engineer) in their homestead studio where they mostly grow vegetables. None of the knobs are labeled. During the pandemic they recorded a handful of acoustic songs onto tape released all at once. She started a twangy side project with her sister, Sallie Ford, called The Barbaras and recorded Oh My God Barbara in 2020 on Orcas Island, WA. Her latest album “In the Movement” was released in 2024.
6/16 – Lake Laconic
Lake Laconic (Lake Jiroudek) was born and raised in Cannon Beach, Oregon and
spent his formative years in New York and Los Angeles developing his craft as a
musician and a songwriter. He’s been fortunate enough to land in Astoria, Oregon
where he has played at a wide variety of venues playing his music, playing guitar
with various groups and playing alongside his brother (Evan) in their group
“Innocent Alex”. His heart and power spills into the songs he writes with a projecting
voice and a guitar that talks.
6/23 – John Gannon
This singer, songwriter, and musician with roots in the west of Ireland has had a solo and frontman career of thirty-plus years playing and singing across the U.S. with a blend of sea shanties and other songs of the sea, Irish traditional tunes, and originals.
6/30 – Lilly Miller/Westmoreland/Larsen Gardens
Lilly Miller – Seattle based musician Lilly Miller has spent the last year working on her first EP, entitled The Fool. Influenced by Joni Mitchell and the melodic tones of Nick Drake, her songs are known for their tenderness and deep feelings.
Wesmoreland – Latino Ballroom is the debut LP from Westmoreland, the project of Seattle-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zach Alva. Recorded in a week in Silsbee, TX, the album deals with the passing of his father and examines his feelings surrounding grief, family, and love. The record’s sound is steeped in a wide range of cultural influences, including folk-rock, jazz, and country, with the title referencing his experience as an Indigenous and Latino artist creating in what are predominantly white music spaces.
Larsen Gardens – In her unreleased debut album MOONFLOWER, Seattle-based artist Larsen Gardens paints an intimate portrait of transformation. Blossoming with the warmth and care required to look within, the work really becomes an alchemical reflection of what it’s like to shine light into a shadowy place. The result is a dreamy, hopeful kaleidoscope of mellotron, washy guitars, twinkling piano, and, in some tracks, lo-fi apartment-recording and producing.