$1000 in Ceramic Cats a Day (or the recommended cash equivalent)!!

You’ve had dreams that this day would come… well, Astoria Ford and 94-9 The Bridge have made it a reality!  Your chance to win $1000 in ceramic cats, EVERY DAY (or, the recommended cash equivalent)!  We get it… you’ll probably want to take the cash.  Good choice, them cats is creepy.

Here’s how it works: every weekday, we’ll air 3 keywords… at ABOUT 9:30am, 12:30pm and 4:30 pm (we’ll try t get close, but time is just an abstract human construct!).  When you hear the keyword, get back here to 949TheBridge.com to enter it in.  You only need one of the keywords to be registered each day, but your chances double or triple the more keywords you have every day!  One winner will be called each day (ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!) as the winner of $1000 in ceramic cats (but, come on, you’re gonna want to take the cash).