Pennsylvania State Sen. Michael Folmer Charged With Possession of Child Pornography

Pennsylvania State Sen. Mike Folmer has stepped down following his arrest on charges of possession of child pornography. Folmer submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday to Republican colleagues in Harrisburg.  According to leadership in the state chamber, after reviewing the charges and speaking to Folmer, they insisted that he resign. “We are sickened and disturbed by the charges brought against Mike Folmer,” the Pennsylvania lawmakers said in a statement.

On Tuesday, police arrested Folmer at his home after tracing an explicit image involving a minor to the senator’s personal computer. During a search of Folmer’s cellphone, investigators say they found two other suspected images of child pornography. Folmer has been charged with three counts of possession of child pornography and one count of criminal use of a communication facility.

Folmer, 63, is married and has seven grandchildren.  He has been a member of the state Senate since 2007 and was reelected to a fourth term last year. 

State senator arrested on child pornography charges